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~Our Exquisite Goldens~

We are excited to own the wonderful, & yes popular, American favorite breed, the Golden Retriever! Our dogs portray the true  Golden Retriever nature that they are known & loved for. They are devoted, loving, happy, intelligent, well-mannered, great with young & old alike, kind to strangers, friendly toward other animals. We have studied & brought in some of the most exquisite bloodlines & have carefully selected well balanced temperaments. Our dogs have been health tested with the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA). We are proud of our gentle Galaxies Goldens; they conform to the Golden standard & possess sweet dispositions & gorgeous traits that we know  will indeed bring a lifetime of joy to their families!  

Ukrainian imported female "Cream"

Bohemium Of Zaporozhye Beatrice Oh My God~ "CREAM"
Ukrainian import

Starry Sky

Stella was our first Golden & showed us how lovely this breed is

Our Sweet "Stella" girl~ gone but not forgotten

"Stella" gone but not forgotten
Golden love
Starry Sky
puppies & kids
Puppy love 
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