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About Us:

We, Israel, Cori, Greta, & Levi Hale, would like to welcome you to the home of Galaxies kennel. We are a small  kennel where each dog is a special member of our family . Our home is located in the beautiful valley of Palmer Alaska. Nestled at the bottom of majestic mountain peaks, we enjoy the peaceful quiet in this land of "The Midnight Sun", & the awesome wonders of the nighttime galaxies; leading to inspiration of our kennel name. 

  Both Israel & Cori have had a love for animals & dogs all their lives. 

  Israel got his first Newfoundlands at nine years old. These two "retired" show dogs, from the well known "Sweetbay" Newfoundland kennel, began his love for the breed. We have been breeding Newfoundlands for many years & have some very special Galaxies Kennel "family" who own one of our Gentle Giants.We are no longer breeding Newfoundlands but have kept our photo gallery up for enjoyment.

Our love for the Golden Retriever breed began when we received from a family member a lovely female from the Gold-Rush kennel .

Cori started her breeding program with Shetland Sheepdogs in 1991.; She has had a great interest & knowledge studying & applying pedigrees, color genetics, as well as conformation to each breed's specific standard  .

  Above all, we feel excellent health & stable, loving, temperaments, are of utmost importance!

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